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THE BC-610

 Mods and  INFORMATION  

More power output!  The BC-610 is capable of 500W output with 100% modulation (2000W PEP)...but remember 375W is the legal limit

Me and the BC610E

Pictures of inside the BC 610E

Operating Specs  


2018 picture


      2020 pic



  Hints and kinks on the BC-610 

  1.  BC 610 E Audio Hints & Kinks
  2.  Setting the Self Bias for the 250TH 
  3. Removing the DC current from the modulator transformer secondary 
  4. Using the 2.0 -2.5Mhz tuning Unit on 160M  
  5. Hand wind a 160M coil for the BC-610

  6. Help-ful Hints for the BC-610

A interesting story about "bringing home a BC-610"

     by.... NM1H  - The Great Dixie Haul


--------  The E. F. Johnson Valiant  Transmitter ---------


ER article of a speech amp that is great for the Valiant

A few Johnson Valiant notes

               ---------  E. F Jhohnson  Viking Challenger Transmitter  ------------

                        Schematic    PDF

                       Controlled Carrier Mod   PDF

-------THE GLOBE KING 500 INFORMATION PAGE   -----------

  1. audio preamp and driver mods
  2. D-104 JFET Impedance changing Circuit

  3. Pi-L mod for better loading on 160m


  1. How to make a simple Hi-Pot tester.

 Use a "bug sapper" transformer and a few parts to make a very useful Hi-Pot tester

2.   Air gun antenna launcher....  click here


Audio Test

I will be adding items occasionally so check back again soon

A few pictures of what I have done for a living.....



I also enjoy being the Sec and Treas of  The Grey Hair Net a AM net on 160M.


email me at    w1cki@cox.net   Up dated on Mar.  14, 2012

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