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       BC 610 E, Globe King 500A, Valaint Transmitter and other Information on Audio


THE BC-610

 Mods and  INFORMATION  

More power output!  The BC-610 is capable of 500W output with 100% modulation (2000W PEP)...but remember 375W is the legal limit

Me and the BC610E

Pictures of inside the BC 610E

Operating Specs  


  Hints and kinks on the BC-610 

  1.  BC 610 E Audio Hints & Kinks
  2.  Setting the Self Bias for the 250TH 
  3. Removing the DC current from the modulator transformer secondary 
  4. Using the 2.0 -2.5Mhz tuning Unit on 160M  
  5. Hand wind a 160M coil for the BC-610

  6. Help-ful Hints for the BC-610

A interesting story about "bringing home a BC-610"

     by.... NM1H  - The Great Dixie Haul


--------  The E. F. Johnson Valiant  Transmitter ---------


ER article of a speech amp that is great for the Valiant

A few Johnson Valiant notes

               ---------  E. F Jhohnson  Viking Challenger Transmitter  ------------

                        Schematic    PDF

                       Controlled Carrier Mod   PDF

-------THE GLOBE KING 500 INFORMATION PAGE   -----------

  1. audio preamp and driver mods
  2. D-104 JFET Impedance changing Circuit

  3. Pi-L mod for better loading on 160m


  1. How to make a simple Hi-Pot tester.

 Use a "bug sapper" transformer and a few parts to make a very useful Hi-Pot tester

2.   Air gun antenna launcher....  click here


Audio Test

I will be adding items occasionally so check back again soon

A few pictures of what I have done for a living.....



I also enjoy being the Sec and Treas of  The Grey Hair Net a AM net on 160M.

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